Our Reason of Being

Handmade in Spain since 1995.

The Company

Plakton is a global brand founded in 1995 by Eurogloria, dedicated to the production and distribution of Comfort Footwear. Our products are exclusively handmade in Spain, where our professionals take special care in the selection of Top Quality materials to take comfort to the next level. Nowadays our products are shipped to every continent. This has been possible thanks to the help of dedicated professionals. Plakton counts on a great network of agents, each with great experience in the countries that we operate in.

Production & Process

Specializing in the manufacturing of shoes featuring cork insoles is our company's forte. Our meticulous selection of premium raw materials, overseen by our dedicated Quality Control Team, ensures that our products consistently reach peak excellence. By incorporating cutting-edge technology into our production facilities, we strive to deliver unparalleled comfort and quality in the market. Our unwavering commitment to maximum comfort drives us to prioritize the highest standards in both materials and processes.


Plakton is dedicated to honoring nature, integrating sustainability and environmental concern into our brand ethos. Since our inception in 1995, cork has been the cornerstone material in nearly all our products. Our commitment lies in crafting items that not only prioritize comfort and ergonomics but also embrace natural elements. Central to our philosophy is the mindful harvesting of cork oak, an ancient practice entrusted solely to skilled experts known as descortiçadores. Their manual precision and extensive experience ensure the integrity of the tree remains intact, aligning with our values of environmental stewardship and preservation.
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