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Guess what? You're now the proud owner of Plakton – the embodiment of handmade Spanish finesse and European comfort. Exciting, right? Let's chat about keeping those kicks in prime condition without the drama. Here's the lowdown:

Dust and Go:

  • Brush away the day's adventures with a soft, dry cloth, preserving the rich details of your shoe's design.
  • For those inevitable stubborn marks, a touch of mild soap or leather cleaner works wonders, ensuring your shoes remain a canvas of sophistication.

TLC for Leather, Oak, and EVA:

  • Pamper your shoes with a dab of leather conditioner, allowing it to seep into every stitch and curve. Let it soak, massage it in with care, and gently buff for a rejuvenated, fresh-out-of-the-box allure.
  • Don't forget the oak insole - a little extra attention here ensures a long-lasting embrace of comfort.

Polish Panache:

  • Maintain the timeless appeal with a matching shoe polish, applied with finesse. Let your shoes take center stage as they exude class and charm.

Weather Warriors:

  • Safeguard your companions from unpredictable weather, especially the resilient EVA sole. Should they encounter a splash, let them bask in the fresh air – skip the heat treatment; they prefer a more natural recovery.

Storage Sitch:

  • Choose a cool, dry sanctuary away from the direct sun for your shoes to call home. A carefully selected bag or box adds an extra layer of protection, keeping them ready for their next adventure.

Cedar Charm for Leather Lined Luxury:

  • Elevate the experience with cedar shoe trees, the unsung heroes of your shoe-care regimen. Not only do they maintain the shape, but they also infuse a touch of class to that luxurious leather lining.

Rotation Ritual:

  • Grant your Plakton a well-deserved break between wears. It's akin to a mini vacation for them, allowing them to rejuvenate and express gratitude with every comfortable stride.

    For more tips or if you just want to chat about your shoe adventures, hit up our style team at We're here to keep your Plakton looking and feeling fantastic.

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